Media Vs Books

Before starting a debate about media and books, let’s take a short brief to understand the meaning of media and the value of books.  So we can get the fruitful juice of this debate.

What is media?

Media aka digital media is related to devices where we have to depend on some devices run on electro waves to get the information. Whereas books are purely of paper made and can be stored and reached any point of time without any electronic wave or device.

Where media is the fast spread way of communication worldwide doesn’t always mean it will be correct, true or as seen. Media believes in spreading the news it is less concerned to go in the depth to know if the information is true or hoax.  Digital media is overtaking the printing media. Digital media has become the most popular, easy and fast way to spread the information worldwide. Anyone anywhere can reach easily via electro wave transmission of messages. The Internet has become the most important thing life now. People are losing their decision-making ability. We believe that whatever information is on the internet is true. But we forget that we are the one who is feeding Google with false and true information. Whoever is putting information on media is a person like us who could tell a lie or wrong information too. And because the internet is so fast a small misinformation could be the reason of mass disaster. In today’s life, our mind is totally depending on it. We open our eyes and check the news first or social websites or social chats and in no time we get all that we want to check. On the other side, our kids or teenagers have become a victim of digital media. It could be anything which can give depression to anyone say as social sites, social chats or sometimes school or office emails etc.

Books Overview

Let’s talk about books now. A very lean or a thin book could be very useful in any part of life. It can be store easily and carried out any point of time whenever it is needed.  However, digital media have introduced e-books to retain the love of books for bookworms or those who loves reading on paper. Digital media can provide lengthy articles or a series of article with limited and some unreliable information. Books are being written with a peaceful and most of the time on true experiences. These books are more reliable to get the information and can be reread anytime as required without waiting for any electronic medium. A cold war is the air in between media and books despite e-books people love to read on paper. Like Newspaper are still getting print every night despite we are just a click away to get the local news as well as worldwide. Storing information in the form of books is ancient and believe it or not people still prefer to get important information printed to carry with them or store them.

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