Game of Thrones season 7 (2018)

  Release Date: Feb 20, 2018
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The wait for the next season of the high profile HBO medieval drama Game
of Thrones is very real. The show is running late and the show makers have
confirmed that there would be a definite delay in the premier episode of
the latest season. This upsets the fans, and what’s more upsetting is the fact
that they even can’t move to the book by George Martin, which is due later
this year, to know what the hell is actually going to happen in the new

And while Martin has gained a notoriety as a heartless genius, who could
kill the best of the characters in a frenzy, leaving the hardcore fans
depressed for days, the fans are hoping that the show will be a bit less
harsher on the good guys, especially the Starks, who have suffered the most
during the course of the show. And the previous season saw the
heartbreaking demise of Rickon Stark, the youngest of the Stark kids. All
the remaining Stark kids are more or less important to the central storyline
and we could hope that they survive. ‘Valar Morghulis’ has become sort of a
cliché now in the GOT universe, but it’s still okay to hope for the best.
HBO has already dropped a couple of teaser bombs on the fans which
surprisingly features only the Stark kids in the light- Sansa, Jon and Arya. So
we can safely assume that the Starks are going to survive through this
season and play an important part in shaping the political demographics of
Jon is gathering forces to tackle the unstoppable force of nature in form of
the white walkers while all Sansa cares about is taking revenge for
everything wrong that has been done to her and her family. So is Arya, who
is also seen in the teaser. She has come back to Westeros and eyeing to
finally be done with her list of bad guys to be murdered.
Dany meanwhile was seen with her forces moving towards the seven
kingdoms as her dragons pierced the skies with their loud screeches
towards the end of season 6. Yara Greyjoy approached her in the last
season and Dany agreed to help her. That is a badass combination and we
can’t wait to see more of that.

Some leaked pictures from the sets also revealed that Jon Snow will finally
be face to face with the Mother of Dragons. What would they cook up
together, that is yet to be confirmed! But given Jon’s fixation for the White
Walkers, it would be safer to assume that there could be deal taking place
between the two. Dany will offer her forces and dragons to tackle the ice
zombies and Jon in return will help her take hold of the throne.
The re-entry of the hound on the show will not go in vain and he could be
seen reuniting with Arya. And given the fact that she is no less badass than
the Hound, it will be interesting to see how their bittersweet friendship
We must wait for the trailer to know more and until then, just remember
‘All Men Must Die’ in the Westerosi world, so never be too attached to any
character or Martin will hit you right where it hurts the most.

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