Power Season 4 Episode 10 “You Can’t Fix This” (2017)

  Release Date: Sep 03, 2017
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Power Season 4 Episode 10 Spoilers: Whose Power Is Turning On and Off?

Yeah! Not everyone is a fan of spoilers when it comes to the Power’s 2017 new season. But there are so many other enthusiastic fans of this series who are dying to know about the things that will happen to Ghost and his family. It’s not that easy to juggle the two different lives and sometimes juggling with two different women. Now that we are in the last episode and you still haven’t seen a single episode of this season. We would like to warn you to stay clear of our spoilers of Power season 4 “You Can’t Fix This”.

Previously on Power:

In the last episode, “That Ain’t Me”, of Power Season 4. We have seen so many plots and twists that left us more confused and shocked at the same time more than ever with so many questions about everyone’s intentions. In the end what came as the biggest shock was that night, which happened in the end. Tariq’s brief line of business in the drug amusement found some conclusion and killed his twin sister, Raina! Not the twin we were hoping to take a shot, but let’s be true as we all know that it will come. Yes, it is obvious for everyone to hate Tariq. As he let her sister got shot because of his cowardliness and idiocy.

Spoilers of Power Season 4 Episode 10:

In the final episode of Power Season 4, “You Can’t Fix This”, Tariq is shedding tears over the death of his sister, while Tommy and Ghost plans to take revenge of Raina’s death. Now the main question arises if Tommy and Ghost will have to kill each and every drug dealer to get the answers they want, or will Tariq come all clear of the accusations? The lost of the innocent child brings the whole St. Patrick family together to grieve.

Power | Season 4, Episode 10 Preview:


Tommy has all been shaken up this entire season since he executed Holly (and discovered that Teresi is his dad). And now that Dre has effectively held the control over the drug business, burning the items lately. He’s allowed to extend without Ghost and Tommy knowing. Also, Dre tried to kill Kanan, but the men he sent failed him. It looks like Kanan is going to stay with us for a while longer, enough long that he may kill Dre once he get in a line.

It is expected of Angela to pay her regards to Ghost and we can only assume what will be her next move in her new position as a Head of Criminal Investigation. Don’t forget to watch Power Season 4 Final Episode on September 3, Sunday, at 9:00 p.m. on Starz.

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